Petcom Plus is a panel based on Pet and fabric of the same thermofused material and specially designed for the acoustic lining of walls, the manufacture of luminaires, table dividers, screens, light partitions, office furniture, chairs or any sound-absorbing element where required. a behavior in the control of reverberation and acoustic transmission to create comfortable and decorative spaces.

Petcom Plus is a panel composed of an absorbent PET support – 100% recycled from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles – to which a fabric of the same material has been thermofused on one of its surfaces.

Petcom Plus panels provide numerous advantages, such as excellent sound absorption, superior environmental behavior, ideal for our work environment in Workstations, call centers, offices, meeting rooms, cinemas, theaters, hotels, shops, residences, gyms, educational centers, etc.


Conceptos Petcom Plus 6 Petcom Plus 10 Petcom Plus 15 Petcom Plus 20 Petcom Plus 25
Color backing Pet color range
View surface Range of Pet or melange fabrics
Sopport 100 % Pet reciclado y reciclable
Measures (mm) 6 x 1200 x 2400 10 x 1200 x 2400 15 x 1200 x 2400 20 x 1200 x 2400 25 x 1200 x 2400
Weight (kg/m2) 1,400 2,600 3,800 5,000 6,200
Reaction to fire B-s2 d0, according to Norm EN 13501. Tecnalia.
Enviromment Low VOC content. No formaldehyde
Acoustic absortion NRC 0,20

Direct to wall

NRC 0,40

Direct to wall

NRC 0,50

Direct to wall

NRC 0,60

Direct to wall

NRC 0,85

Direct to wall

NRC 0,20

(20 mm from wall)

NRC 0,45

(20 mm from wall)

NRC 0,55

(20 mm from wall))

NRC 0,70

(20 mm from wall)

NRC 0,90

(20 mm from wall))

Applicacions Wall cladding, acoustic panels, screens, office furniture accessories, office cabinet backs, lamps, etc.


Petcom Plus can absorb 30, 50, 80 and 100% of sound, depending on the thickness of the panel when attached directly to a wall. Sound absorption is improved if the panels are installed leaving an air gap between the wall and the panel. It is ideal for low and medium frequencies.


Petcom Plus decorative composites have been designed for interior applications, where design, appearance, quality, acoustic and thermal insulation, durability, resistance to heat from common sources are an important requirement.


Petcom Plus has been designed with the Environment in mind with 100% recycled PET and conceived to manufacture acoustic and decorative products.


Light, easy to handle and install, compared to traditional acoustic panels or partitions, Petcom Plus weighs less, is easier to handle and reduces transportation costs. It can be cut with a jigsaw or blade saw, cutex, etc.

Pet color range

Pet colors fabric

Pet colors Melange fabric

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