Petcom Bonco panels are high-pressure composites based on a PET core, covered on both surfaces by decorative Pet laminates. Developed and manufactured by Petcom, especially recommended for applications with a certain level of demand, for example, office furniture, wall cladding, sanitary installations, manufacture of cabins and acoustic booths, handrail protectors, screens, acoustic separators, wall and ceilings partitions, sanitary installations, commercial, wet rooms, etc.

Petcom Bonco composites are made exclusively from PET post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Creating a stable, inert, homogeneous and microporous medium density material with physical, chemical and acoustic properties totally different from those of its original components. Does not release volatile substances (VOC) or formaldehyde.

Petcom Bonco panels are supplied with a decorative finish on both sides. The core is black, white or any other color from the range of colors currently available. The surfaces are presented with different finishes.

Petcom Bonco decorative composites are an excellent material for interior applications, both on vertical and horizontal surfaces, finished and ready for use, they present a solid color of the core and surface. They meet the highest requirements of respect for the environment, hygiene, resistance to fire and humidity. They have extraordinary mechanical and physical strength. Chemical resistant. Easy to work with, maintenance and


Visible stratified PET Composite.
Core Black Pet. Other colors, on request.
Reaction to fire B-s2 d0, according to Standard EN 13501. Tecnalia.
Thicknesses 8 –10 – 12 – 15 – 20 – 25 mm.
Panel dimensions 1200 x 2400 mm.
Density 580 kg/m3.
Environment Recycled and 100% recyclable.


Petcom Bonco decorative composites have been designed for interior applications, where design, appearance, quality, sound absorption, durability, resistance to heat from common sources are important requirements.

Petcom Bonco laminates are the best option for office furniture, acoustic partitions, room and bathroom dividers, lockers, wall cladding, stair protectors, hotels, kitchen, advertising displays, commercial and hospital applications, interior decoration, mobile partitions, etc.


The Petcom Bonco panel is the decoration to suit you because, in addition to its decorative purpose, it provides other advantages:
– Wide field of applications, such as wall cladding and space separation, manufacturing of lockers, counters and decoration. It is not affected by humidity and does not swell in contact with water or other fluids.
– Versatility, since it can be installed to cover any type of construction material (concrete, metal, wood, etc.).
– Savings. It provides a higher level of acoustic and thermal insulation to the project, which translates into greater energy savings.
– Acoustic conditioning:
– Variety of finishes for different technical solutions (fireproof systems, absorbent insulation, etc.).


Petcom Bonco panels have the following properties:
– Wear resistance.
– Stain resistance.
– Resistance to dry heat and humidity.
– Resistance to cracking.
– Resistance to water vapor.
– It does not swell with humidity, nor does it affect it.


Petcom Bonco panels can be machined and cut with tangential oscillating knife CNC machines and meet all the usual needs. From a simple drill to complicated milling, such as chamfers, V-cuts and more complex machining.

Moisture absorption

The Petcom Bonco fiber, when exposed to an environment of 50 ˚C and 90% relative humidity for four days, showed moisture absorption of less than 0.03 % by weight. PET fibers are unaffected by moisture, mold and will not rot or deteriorate in intended use situations.


Petcom Bonco panels should be stored vertically or on firm horizontal supports. Thanks to their durable, hygienic and waterproof surface, do not require special maintenance. The surface can be cleaned with lukewarm water and then dried with a soft cloth. Stubborn dirt can be removed with non-abrasive household cleaners. They are resistant to most solvents and chemicals that are commonly used in the home.

Petcom Bonco panels are classified as non-hazardous, they do not have toxic components, so they do not need additional product description labels. It is a cured and inert material from the chemical point of view.

Therefore, they are not included in the REACH classification. Petcom Bonco plates are fully recyclable.

Color range

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