PETCOM HD is a panel specially developed as an acoustic element and material for multiple applications in wide industrial sectors. Made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, the properties of this non-woven fabric give it a non-directional texture with a uniform color throughout the panel.
Well defined edges add rigidity while being easy to cut into any shape.

The combination of form and function of the PETCOM HD panel not only gives it a great appearance, but also performs the functions of absorbing, reflecting sound and decorating. It can absorb indoor noise and effectively control transmission at medium and high frequencies. It is suitable for applications that requiring noise absorption, volume reduction and the echo suppression.

PETCOM HD panels are an ideal decorative material to absorb sound. The raw material is 100% pet fiber, soundabsorbing, fire-resistant, insulating, does not absorb moisture, anti-mildew, easy to clean, easy to cut, simple and environmentally friendly installation. We offer a variety of formats and colors that can meet the different styles and designs of a project’s requirements.


Composition 100% recycled PET.
Reaction to fire B-s2 d0, according to Standard EN 13501. Tecnalia.
Dimensions 1220 x 2440 mm.
Acoustic absorption αw = 0.90 at 1000 Hz (Petcom HD 20).
Formaldehyde and VOC Exempt.
Recyclability 100% recyclable.

Thicknesses and weights
Thickness 1± 0,2 2± 0,2 3± 0,15 6± 0,4 8± 0,8 10± 1,1 12± 1,2 15± 1,3 19± 1,4 25± 1,6 30± 1,7
Weight (kg/m2) ± 10 % 0,80 1,60 1,20 1,60 2,40 2,40 3,20 3,60 4,00 4,80 6,40
Panel weight (kg) ± 10 % 2,30 4,60 3,46 4,60 6,90 6,90 9,22 9,22 11,90 13,82 18,43
Panel tolerances (mm)
Length and width (mm) ± 1,50
Thickness (mm) De ± 0,2 a ± 1,7 1,7 acording thickness
Squaring (maximum difference between diagonals) (mm) 2,00
Straightness (maximum deviation from the plane along the edge) (mm) 1,50 per meter

Petcom HD 20 test carried out at the Tecnalia laboratories. Panels directly on the ground.

The color

Since Petcom HD panels are made from recycled fibers, it may occur that variations in thickness, fiber blend, color, as well as staining and other minor surface imperfections are an inherent characteristic of this product and unavoidable. There may be slight variations from batch to batch. The panels have a front and a back face since the fibers are oriented differently on both surfaces. Keep in mind to install the panels in the same direction and
use the same side during installation to avoid alterations in appearance.


Petcom HD panels are used to manufacture office and table dividers and desktops, screens, acoustic panels, wall coverings, packaging, office furniture, automobile and railway elements, lighting, decoration of interiors, thermoforming, woodwork, etc., and where acoustic properties and a recycled and recyclable product with high
resistance and low weight are required.

Petcom HD is a family of acoustic panels based on recycled PET of different densities and thicknesses, with a solid color profile for applications with exposed or covered edges.


PETCOM HD panels have the following advantages:
– It is a recycled and recyclable product.
– Light weight and high mechanical resistance.
– Absorbent properties.
– Does not contain volatile products.
– Non-allergenic, does not rot and does not generate fungi or bacteria.
– Does not swell with moisture. It is draining.
– Easy handling, similar to that of wood.
– Accepts screws, spikes, staples, etc.

Moisture absorption

The PET fiber, when exposed to an environment of 50˚C and 90% relative humidity for four days, showed moisture absorption of less than 0.03% by weight. PET fibers are unaffected by moisture, mold and will not rot or deteriorate in intended use situations.

Designed for the environment

Easy to uninstall and separate according to the appropriate recycling systems, Petcom HD can be recycled.


Petcom HD panels are easy to handle and install. Compared to plasterboard and wood panels, they are light, easy to handle and reduce transportation costs.

Petcom HD panels, thanks to the quality of their finish, can be installed uncoated, that is, as presented.

Note: Variation in thickness, fiber mix, and color, as well as heavy or light surface staining, are an inherent characteristic of this product, and are unavoidable. Between batch and batch there may be slight variations.

Color range

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