Petcom ECWO panels, known as plastic wood, are an ecological product that cares for the environment, made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. The resulting product has outstanding characteristics of resistance and durability.

Petcom ECWO panels, together with the above characteristics, stand out for their resistance to water, they do not absorb moisture, they do not swell, they are protected against fungi, they resist mold, they do not rot, as it is the case with traditional wood, in addition to resisting chemical substances, it is not attacked by insects, which makes it maintenance-free and easy to clean.

Petcom ECWO panels are suitable for multiple applications, the limit of their uses is in the imagination and creativity. These panels can be drilled, screwed, glued, nailed, paneled with melamine laminates, HPL, and cut into countless shapes for multiple projects. It is used in interior building.


As we have mentioned before, there are endless applications for plastic wood panels, here we only give a brief list of possible applications:

Tables, work and laboratory tables, chairs, seats and backrests, desks, kitchen countertops, separators and screens, acoustic panels, decorative elements, signage, packaging, decoration, acoustic booths, mobile partitions, etc.

Woodworking for wet areas, shower partitions, stair cladding, baseboards, kitchen furniture, such as doors, etc.

Thickness 3± 0,3 6± 0,4 g± 0,8 10± 1,1 12± 1,2 15± 1,3 19± 1,4 25± 1,6
Weight (kg/m2) ± 10 % 2,40 3,20 3,60 3,80 4,20 4,80 5,80 6,20
Panel weight (kg) ± 10 % 6,90 10,24 10,36 10,94 12,09 13,82 16,70 17,86



Composition 100% recycled PET.
Reaction to fire B-s2 d0, according to Standard EN 13501. Tecnalia.
Dimensions 1200 x 2400 mm.
Acoustic absorption αw = 0.90 at 1000 Hz (Petcom HD 20).
Formaldehyde and VOC Exempt.
Light fastness >7 (ISO 105-B02).
Recyclability 100% recyclable.


Petcom ECWO panels have the following properties:
– It is a recycled and recyclable product.
– Light weight and high mechanical resistance.
– Resistance to stains and wear.
– Resistance to dry heat and humidity.
– Resistance to cracking.
– Does not contain volatile products.
– Non-allergenic, does not rot and does not generate fungi or bacteria.
– Does not swell with moisture. It does not affect you and is draining.
– Easy handling, like that of wood.
– Accepts screws, spikes, staples, etc.

Market types

Petcom ECWO recycled panels, plastic wood, are gaining market share in applications ranging from floors and platforms, interior and school furniture. Reclaimed plastic lumber is generally envisioned as an environmentally friendly substitute for hardwoods from endangered forests, and a non-toxic “alternative” to pressure-treated particleboard, which contains formaldehyde, heavy metals, and other chemicals.


Petcom ECWO panels have the following advantages:
– Availability of other colors on request.
– High durability, at least five times more than natural wood, without additional costs.
– Does not need maintenance, without varnishes, paints, sandpaper, waterproofing.
– Will not splinter or rot.
– Does not swell with moisture.
– Ideal for wet and cold places.
– Resistant to saline environments and chemicals.
– Resistant to climatic factors (without alterations between -40º C and +70º C).
– Undeformable. It does not break or split.
– Good acoustic, thermal and electrical insulation (reduces cold, heat and noise).


Petcom ECWO offers the CNC machining and cutting of the sheets. With the most modern devices, all needs can be met, from simple drilling of holes to fix the panels, to complicated milling to cover railings or furniture components.

Moisture absorption

The Petcom ECWO fiber, when exposed to an environment of 50 ˚C and 90% relative humidity for four days, showed moisture absorption of less than 0.03 % by weight. PET fibers are unaffected by moisture, mold and will not rot or deteriorate in intended use situations.

Designed for the environment

Easy to uninstall and separate according to the appropriate recycling systems, Petcom ECWO can be recycled.


Petcom ECWO panels are easy to handle and install. Compared to plasterboard and wood panels, they are light, easy to handle and reduce transportation costs.

Petcom ECWO panels, thanks to the quality of their finish, can be installed uncoated, that is, as presented.

Color range

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