Perfect deformability, best dimensional stability, high stability and impact resistance are exciting prospects for new products and new applications.

We are talking about molded parts made of Pet. It is absorbent phone, has a warm surface that is independent of the ambient temperature and the pleasant touch of the felt.

The use of PET in modern product design offers exciting possibilities for creative innovation. Petcom has developed specific molding techniques for 3D deformation and started a new trend.


PET is available in many colours and allows for three-dimensional deformations. Different fibre blends allow the strength and feel of the textile surface of the moulded parts to be defined as desired. Combinations with other materials can be produced. Even intense shades can be achieved by dyeing.


The open fibre structure is sound absorbing. During acoustic measurements, PET achieves a minimum absorption of αw = 0.55 in the frequency range between 100 – 5000 Hz. According to UNE En ISO 11654 Class D. In practice, a higher degree of absorption is achieved.


For the production of PET, we need a form that we develop and manufacture according to its requirements. The costs of such a tool are in the range of a pressing tool for moulding PET.