Petcom Novo is a PET laminate, firmly heat-fused to another substrate of the same material, both recycled.

The visible microporous surface, stiffened and decorative with anti-shock and anti-scratch properties. The unseen, fibrous, absorbent surface with adequate density to create comfortable and decorative acoustic spaces.

Petcom Novo composites, developed and manufactured by Petcom, have all the style of a Made in Spain product. And they combine their excellent aesthetic qualities with acoustic and thermal properties and characteristics that interest those who conceive or carry out interior design solutions.

Petcom Novo composites are made exclusively from PET, from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Creating a high-density, low-weight, stable, inert, and homogeneous material with physical and chemical properties completely different from those of its original components.


Visible surface PET Composite.
Core fibrous Black color.
Reaction to fire B-s2 d0, according to Standard EN 13501. Tecnalia.
Thicknesses 6 – 10 – 12 – 15 – 20 – 25 mm.
Panel dimensions 1200 x 2400 mm.
Environment Recycled and 100% recyclable.


Petcom Novo is a technologically advanced product, whose unique features facilitate creative interior design.

It is attractive and innovative, it is the ecological and acoustic cladding solution suitable for interior surfaces, both in new construction and in renovations. The material is rigid, light and durable with good insulating properties, creating spaces with high energy efficiency.

The main properties of the Petcom Novo, whose unique characteristics replace the various traditional building materials, are:
– Excellent weight/rigidity ratio.
– Thanks to its lightness, it is quick to assemble, compared to other materials.
– Excellent results in reducing execution time.
– Easy maintenance.
– Panels are easily cleaned with a mild detergent.


Petcom Novo decorative composites have been designed for interior applications, where design, appearance, quality, acoustic and thermal insulation, durability, resistance to heat from common sources are an important requirement.

Petcom Novo composites are the best option for office furniture, acoustic cabins, booths and pods, acoustic and thermal insulation of any type of interior or dividing wall and both in new construction and in refurbishments in offices, hotels, nautical, health and commercial centers, etc. Some of other applications include:
– Buildings refurbishing.
– Mobile partitions.
– Internal divisions.
– False ceilings and pillars revetment.
– Interior and architectural cladding.
– Decoration, exhibition halls, stands and exhibitors, etc.


Petcom Novo panels can be machined and cut with tangential oscillating knife CNC machines and meet all the usual needs. From a simple drill to complicated milling, such as chamfers, V-cuts and more complex machining.

Moisture absorption

Petcom Novo fiber, when exposed to an environment of 50 ˚C and 90% relative humidity for four days, showed moisture absorption of less than 0.03 % by weight. PET fibers are unaffected by moisture, mold and will not rot or deteriorate in intended use situations.


Petcom Novo should be stored in such a way that they are protected from contact with water, humidity and direct sunlight.

Petcom Novo laminates, thanks to their durable, hygienic and waterproof surface, do not require special maintenance. In fact, it is a low-maintenance product, which makes cleaning easy. A microfiber cloth, soap and water, or glass cleaner is all that is needed to keep the surface clean and looking great.

Petcom Novo sheets are classified as non-hazardous, they do not have toxic components, so they do not need additional product description labels. It is a cured and inert material from the chemical point of view.

Therefore, they are not included in the REACH classification. Petcom Novo sheets are fully recyclable.

Color range

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